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Building connections and strengthening community


Why Dorothy's Place?



We are an active and welcoming community of 2SLGBTQI+ seniors in Scarborough and East York.


Weekly Events

You can participate in our FREE weekly events and connect with like-minded friends and allies.


Supportive Space

We provide an accepting, safe space for support and healing.


Who are we?

Dorothy’s Place is a program for 2SLGBTQI+ seniors in Scarborough and East York.

We realized that there were no support programs for 2SLGBTQI+ seniors outside of downtown Toronto, and many in our community living in the eastern areas of GTA were facing social isolation and discrimination. We created Dorothy’s Place in October 2018 in response to the problems faced by this underserved group.

We want to provide a safe space and community of support where participants can explore connection and healing. We want to promote active living and wellness to improve the overall quality of life of our participants.

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Together, we aim to grow and foster connections within the 2SLGBTQI+ community.

We are proud to be awarded Inspiring Community Organization of the Year for 2020/2021 by the Inspire Awards.


What's on?


Dorothy's Place

Every Monday

11:30 AM Zoom

Rainbow Tea Time

Every Friday

2:00 PM Zoom

  • Who can participate?
    Dorothy’s Place welcomes all 2SLGBTQI+ seniors, their caregivers and allies.
  • How can I participate?
    You can attend our weekly free events on Zoom. Click on the event in our online calendar for the link details. Due to COVID-19 health restrictions, we do not have any in-person events at the moment.
  • Do I have to pay to participate?
    Participating in Dorothy’s Place events is free!
  • Where can I find out about your events?
    We post the details of our events in our online calendar. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter by entering your email address or join our Facebook group for regular updates on the events.
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